HTFU pills!

I have some….

Got them from a friend in the US, so Im not even sure the are legal here in Sweden… But if you need some, you can just email me and I will hook you up!

They will make you work harder, lift more weight, kick stronger, ride the bike longer… They will make you to a machine!

I first got them at a quarterly workshop of a fellow trainer… I was in pain after cramping in the third class that day, and he came up to me and offered them to me. Small, tiny pink pills with the words ”HARDEN THA F@*K UP!”…..

Ooohhh, you were expecting a quick fix? a pill to get U R ass in shape? to make you work harder? SORRY, but the HTFU pills works like crazy to! just gotta TAKE IT!

I sure had to take a double dose after this weekend:


Sat: BODYPUMP® BODYCOMBAT® and RPM™ Qw’s back to back….

Sun: BODYPUMP® and BODYCOMBAT® Qw’s back to back…